Beautiful not Broken

Natashia Telfer: Finding new purpose from adversity.

November 02, 2021 Bec Chappell / Natashia Telfer Episode 20
Beautiful not Broken
Natashia Telfer: Finding new purpose from adversity.
Show Notes

Today I am so lucky to have the amazing Natashia Telfer join me. 

Up until the age of 18, Natashia believed the purpose of life was ‘the circle of life’. This purpose was lost when she was diagnosed with Cancer. This adversity would be one of many, however it did set Natashia on a life altering course. Days after completing chemotherapy, Natashia enrolled herself in a Healthcare apprenticeship and started her new path within the Healthcare sector. 

Natashia went on the spend her early 20’s with professional perspective, however lacked when it came to personal perspective. Today Natashia is married and madly in love, running a 24/7 multimillion-dollar community nursing business, 4 other side hustle businesses, raising 2 IVF babies, just finished further studies, and publishing two books by March 2022 and June 2022. 

On the surface, it would seem she has it all, however she is a self-confessed life juggler, frequent ball dropper and a perpetual people pleaser. It wasn’t until 2020, Natashia had an epiphany, and began to realise her self-worth and the endless possibilities when you finally let go of the opinions of others and simply activate the courage to back yourself. This would lead Natashia to view all things with a larger perspective/bigger picture lens and allow her to go on to promote this message with the sole aim of helping others finding their mojo and be a little kinder.

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